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[What Ben Knows] Configuring GhostDoc Pro, part 1 - File, Class, and Properties Headers

I started this post back in the beginning of 2013. I apparently tossed my
exported rules(*), so am redoing them and thought I would revisit my own,
hopefully useful, advice.

I swear, why is it so hard to find documentation on doing some of the
simplest programming things? Why is it that these companies can create such
a relatively useful product, and yet it is impossible to find any real sort
of documentation on how to use them? I have multiple blog entries brewing
on my frustrations using Infragistics Reporting in their NetAdvantage
suite. Today though, I’m going to rail against SubMain’s GhostDoc Pro.

GhostDoc, a VisualStudio extension for automatically generating XML
documentation and code comments, is a total time saver when it is properly
configured. Because of the government certification our products generally
go through, our code has to be meticulously commented in very specific
ways. At one point my rules were properly configured and I had spent about
half a day configuring the templates as well as I could, so that all I had
to do was go to Tools > GhostDoc > Document File and my code file would be
properly documented including headers, properties and fields. Unfortunately
when I chose to upgrade my current version of GhostDoc it apparently took
my desire to “Upgrade” my current rules file and merely used that as
a “suggestion”, which it then ignored, and I ended up with the default
GhostDoc Rules templates. *So my first suggestion to you is that as soon as
you have the templates the way you want them, export them to avoid having
go through the hassle of re-creating them.

Secondly, bookmark this blog post as reference to refer back to later. The
extent of SubMain’s online documentation for creating your own templates
seems to be to simply rely on the community of GhostDoc users creating blog
posts in their community pages ( and on
StackOverflow. If you go to the tutorials on SubMain’s site you will notice
there are no tutorials for GhostDoc. (I take it back. Since I first began
writing this blog article way long ago, a simple tutorial has been added.
It is a very quick overview of all of GhostDoc Pro’s features.) The help
file that is downloaded for GhostDoc Pro contains an Introduction to T4
Templates and a description of each of the different templates that are

Editing T4 Templates
To edit the GhostDoc Pro T4 Rules templates, in Visual Studio go to Tools >
GhostDoc Pro > Options > Rules and select the template you want to update.
The template will open into an editor that does provide some Intellisense
and color-coding.

Adding Global Properties
Global properties, accessible through the GetGlobalProperty of the Context
object, can be added in the GhostDoc Pro options window under Global
Properties. Here you can enter the key-value pairs for commonly used
properties throughout your templates.

File Header

By necessity, our standard file header looks like this:


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Real Time with Bill Maher: 6.6.14 — Anthony Weiner, Jim Geraghety, Nicolle Wallace


Holy shit, Anthony Weiner actually said something important.

It’s a miracle!

That’s been the Republican strategy since day one of Obama’s presidency. Block the President at every turn, then blame him for not getting anything done. In fact, here’s Newt Gingrich openly admitting to it.

That’s why Republicans block jobs bills — so they can blame Obama for the economy still sucking. They’ve blocked budgets, resulting in a government shutdown that they then tried to blame on Obama. They’ve tried over and over again to block Obamacare, and complain that it’s a failure as they work their asses off to try to make it fail.

It’s kindergarten politics, and we need to vote these schmucks out in November. A bunch of white guys throwing temper tantrums and shouting NO! to everything just because they don’t like the president is no way to run a government, especially if we’re going to continue to pretend to be one of the greatest nations on earth.

Which completely disregards the first four years where the Dems controlled Congress.

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Hobby Lobby Decision

I don’t understand how a corporation can have a faith, closely held or not. Either a corporation is a separate legal entity, removed from its owner, as the courts have ruled in issues regarding political contributions, or it is not. Logically I don’t see how it can be both ways.

I agree with the SCOTUS decision that the government can’t dictate that people purchase things that violate their faith, but I’m still perplexed as to how the government can demand that we purchase anything against our will in the first place.

SCOTUS previously ruled that the government really isn’t MANDATING that we purchase health insurance since we can just not buy it and then pay the punitive “tax”. Isn’t the same recourse available to Hobby Lobby? By that same measure, they aren’t being mandated to provide contraception they don’t agree with. They could choose to not provide health insurance to their employees at all and just pay some exorbitant “tax”.

I’ll have to read through the decision and dissents, but it really seems to me to be a head-scratcher.

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That sudden feeling of dread when you realize you clicked on the link for your Tumblr dashboard while at work.