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[What Ben Knows] Amongst the Sinners

Tomorrow morning we are headed to Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas, Rockabilly
Weekend. VLV is a combined, car show, concert festival, burlesque show, and
generally a scene for women to dress up like pinup models. Jen and I have
gone now for years. It’s always held on Easter weekend, and we kid, “Hey,
where else would Jesus want us to be other than in Sin City for Easter,
amongst the sinners, preaching His message?”

Okay, neither Jen nor I are the preaching type. In fact, we aren’t exactly
church-going types, though I think both of us wouldn’t mind that changing.
I feel like I am a very religious person, but not in a conventional sense.
Maybe I would identify with being more “spiritual” than religious, except
that for the fact that those who say they are “spiritual” often just use
that as an excuse for either not wanting to think about it too much or not
wanting to risk telling people they are religious.

I just don’t identify with a particular religion, but in a way I identify
with ALL of them, well, all the major ones. To me, they all carry the same
message, just put into words that the people of a particular time and place
could identify with. I have an entire treatise on this somewhere within me,
but I don’t want to get into that now, not on the eve of flying out to Las
Vegas. Basically though I believe every religion says “Be good to each
other.” OR in the words of Bill & Ted, “Be Excellent to each other.” What
being good really means is perhaps what we all get hung up on. However, I
simply believe that “goodness” exists, and that we should strive for that.

In doing that, in striving to be good, I feel I too often fall short. On
the way home while driving today I was thinking about it. I was thinking
about how hard I have been working to try and be better, and still falling
short, wondering what I really need to do to become a better person. And I
realize I have really been trying to do it on my own. Once in a while I can
confide to Jen, or my brothers, or a close friend, but mostly I felt like I
had to do everything on my own.

Then the thought, and the feeling came over me

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Always go hard and fast, so when you hit the ditch you can come out on the other side.
Johnny Paycheck (as related by Tim McGraw)

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